Kelowna, British Columbia

Status: Now Selling

An RRSP & TFSA eligible limited partnership and private investment opportunity nestled in one of Kelowna’s most desirable neighborhoods.


Target Annualized Returns


Profit participation


Minimum Investment


And RRSP Eligible


Unit Development

$6.4 M

Current Land Value

$53.9 M

Projected Sales

About Promontory

Overlooking Kelowna Golf and Country Club, Dilworth Bluffs and the City Center, Promontory is a prime development site. Located in one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with an extraordinary location near the heart of the city. With great views this project sold out within hours of it being brought to market. Ranked as one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in Canada with its growing employment engine, infrastructure development and continued affordability, Kelowna is one of the best investment markets in Canada. The Kelowna condominium market is among B.C’s strongest. Land for affordable condominiums in desirable neighbourhoods is in short supply.

The benefits of real estate developments

Enhanced Returns

Real Estate offers higher yields than traditional fixed income investments.

Tax Advantages

Investments can be made from a wide range of registered funds such as your TFSA & RRSP.


Invest into an asset class with low correlation to the stock market.

Cynterra's Inner Circle

Access to Canada’s fastest-growing private equity investment community.

The Developer


Cynterra Group is a multi-faceted real estate development company with a proven investment program for individuals, families, and financial institutions.

Real estate has long been a fundamental asset in any well-rounded investment portfolio; it’s a stable counterpart to cash and equities.

With a tendency to perform in excess of the rate of inflation in any given year, real estate is a popular hedge against broader economic trends.

About The Investment

Limited Partnership & Preferred Return

• $25,000 min investment

• RRSP/TFSA/Corporations eligible

• Limited Partnership offering $8.5M

• Preferred return of 12%* and 50%* participation in profits

• Projected 24 month investment return

• Projected IRR > 25%

• The G.P. receives no share of the profits until all L.P.s have received a full return of capital plus 12%*

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The catalysts of


The Okanagan Valley provides a true four seasons playground as a backdrop to one of B.C’s strongest economic engines and its fastest growing metropolitan area. The desirability of the Okanagan ensures its stability when compared to the boom and bust nature of resource specific locations. In addition to the area’s key drivers of Kelowna Airport, University of British Columbia, Okanagan College, Kelowna General Hospital and the Okanagan Centre for Innovation, the region’s economic diversity is also its strength.

The Okanagan has become a prime destination for residential and small business relocations due to the exceptionally moderate climate, strong transportation, skilled labour force and availability of recreational opportunities. The Okanagan has also become an attractive as a great place to work, live, do business, and for retirees who bring a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Preliminary Massing

The Development

- 120 unit townhouse project construction approximately 2/3’s complete.
- Recently completed a refinance to take the project through to completion with First National Financial LP, one of Canada’s largest premium construction finance lenders.
- Construction expected to be completed in late 2023.
- The developer has its own senior construction team in place, which will allow it to build more projects in the same jurisdiction without the need to hire a general contractor, thereby saving costs and making all projects in Kelowna more profitable.

The Vision

The earlier you are in;
The larger your potential return.

*This disclosure contains forward-looking information that is not complete and complete forward-looking information is included in the Issuer’s current offering memorandum. The forward-looking information are management’s projections based on project planning and analysis using industry accepted assumptions and analysis techniques for the real estate market for Kelowna and the project area in particular. While management believes its assumptions and analysis are valid and reasonable, actual results may vary from the forward-looking information andthere are a number of inherent risk factors, such as variability in real estate pricing, prices for construction materials, and government policy that could have a negative impact on the Issuers and could cause actual resultstodiffer materially from the forward-looking information. The Issuers undertake no responsibility to update their forward-looking information. The reader is directed to the Issuer’s current offering memorandum for a more full consideration of the risks, assumptions and forward-looking information.